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Rachel yamagata dating

Based on the Naomi Alderman novel Disobedience, the story follows a young woman (Weisz) as she rekindles a repressed romance with her best friend (Mc Adams) after returning home.

Adding to the scandal, Weisz's character Ronit is married to Mc Adams cousin in the film.

The actress, 46, who is set to play Ronit, was ready to combat the cool winter chill as she wrapped up warm in a chic overcoat and checked scarf.

The Mummy star looked a far cry from her usually preened and polished self, instead decked out in a knee-grazing overcoat with a thick plaid scarf draped around her shoulders.

But as the weeks flew by, I still hadn't gone on a single date. It was dimly lit and dive-y, but I felt like I was walking down a red carpet with all eyes on me — only, in the bad way. He didn’t seem to notice a difference in how I looked in comparison to my pictures (it dark in there), and the two hours that followed were nothing out of the ordinary: We drank, we ate, we talked. About work, his travels, why he wants to move to Canada now that Trump got elected — the usual.

In fact, I was straight-up avoiding them, canceling any plans I did make at the last minute. It was exhausting and I couldn't get a word in, but never once did he bring up my looks.

The 31-year-old seemed to know the rude word was coming as she furtively suppressed her giggles while arranging the vowels and consonants on the board.

She subsequently took to Twitter to share a screengrab of the moment, joking, 'Nothing to see here! Last month, another innuendo-laden word was formulated by Susie Dent and guest Dr Phil Hammond out of the nine words selected by one of the contestants.

Susie picked the safer option which was 'abortive'.

Dr Phil then went on: 'I spotted a vibrator in there as well.'This sent a ripple of chuckles through the studio, as Rachel Riley arranged the letters on her board to spell out the word.

'It's happened to me in the emergency department before, as well,' Dr Phil added, to which host Nick Hewer said: 'I think we better move on!

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Rachel's simple ensemble was completed with form-fitting jeans and chunky lace-up boots, while the star kept her tiny hands warm in black fingerless gloves.

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