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I plan to keep this up to date and add more resources and commentary. (This has come up on sexual assault/rape/dv lists before, but I haven’t read it, and reviews/synopsis didn’t indicate why it would appear. by Jennifer Shaw Wolf Goodreads | Amazon | My review 2012. A girl’s boyfriend is killed in a car accident, and she loses her memory of the incidents.

If you have a title to add, please let me know in the comments! A teen girl struggles with her father, who raped her, returning from prison. A teen boy reflects on his abuse and sexual relationship with a teacher five years earlier. A girl is abducted at the age of 9 and sexually and physically abused for 5 years. Flashbacks reveal he wasn’t the perfect guy everyone thought he was—he was emotionally and physically abusive.

"Tuesdays With Morrie doesn't actually like to read.""Best friends with his mom.""Thinks it says something about his emotional depth, which he does not have.""Knew somebody distantly who died once and now he really understands ~mortality~.""Thinks that all ladies like Oprah.""Fight Club just, like, really understands the struggle, man.""Douche fucking alert.""Hasn't actually read the book but believes he can pass it off like he has because of the movie.""Edward Norton's depression without Brad Pitt's abs.""Bedside anarchist.""So over consumerism, so over society, so over being an actual pleasant human being.""Is a mansplainer.""Tao Te Ching was a business major in college.""Also doesn't actually read.""But at least he tried?

""Has used the word ' Oriental' or phrase ' East-meets-West' in actual unironic conversation.""Was one of those guys who wore suits to class presentations.""Has a tattoo of a Japanese character, thinks it says 'freedom,' actually says 'soap.'""On the Road has never actually done drugs.""I actually think there is something kind of cute and earnest about liking this book.""But in sort of a puppy-dog way.""Constantly misses the point.

His journey of redemption is quite interesting, and the entire series deals with issues of consent in important yet understated ways. Young woman’s boyfriend becomes increasingly controlling, jealous, and abusive. A successful young girl dates a troubled boy, and he becomes physically and emotionally abusive.

Secondary character, Froi, who is the titular character of the sequel, attempt to assault the heroine in one important scene. But I Love Him by Amanda Grace Goodreads | Amazon 2011.

Both young women in this novel have witnessed violence against women and experience violence themselves.

I highly recommend this title as an accurate portrayal of teen dating violence. by Carrie Mesrobian Goodreads | My Review | Amazon 2013. High school senior Zephyr is focused on field hockey and getting into Boston College, but still makes time for a new boy, Alec, who quickly becomes abusive, both physically and emotionally.

I was confused and slightly proud when I passed 100 matches, and continued to watch as my number of matches climbed into the thousands.

I'd always been dismayed by how easily my ex abandoned books (even the most page-turnery things, like ). It's not because I miss him, but because the letters themselves were so beautiful.

I think I should have taken that bad habit as a sign."Where do you see us in six months? His writing vividly brings back the summer we road-tripped across the western United States in his dirty Volvo, the smell of Montana forest fires filling the car, that it's like I'm there again.

""Lord of the Rings would probably spend at least on a replica ring.""Loves Reddit.""Masturbated to the Lady of Rohan character.""There are definitely some fetishy undertones.""Smells bad.""Musty.""Which is not necessarily bad, IMO.""Big feet.""Yes, some big penis action.

But maybe didn't kiss a girl until the age of 22.""Infinite Jest is a self-identified feminist who mansplains feminism at you.""Fake deep.""I want it and I HATE that I want it.""Pissed when I ask him questions about it and/or avoids them entirely.""Tells me race isn't real.""This guy actually just read Consider the Lobster in comp class and puts Infinite Jest down instead.""Mad at his parents for being rich.""Calls soccer football, but is American.""THIS IS THE KIND OF GUY WHO THINKS FINGERING IS JACKHAMMERING.""The Catcher in the Rye stopped reading after high school.""Is still 13.""I'm actually on board with this being sort of endearing?

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