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Note: this story is very unrealistic and immature fantasy which takes place in a world similar to ours but with some more advanced technology and completely different morals.For all purposes and intents, all characters are at least 18 years of age, even if they are described by older characters as being children.Young people on their own for the first time, moms and dads not so sure about it... The video diary she kept showed a bright young woman. But the heartbreak of lost love would turn out to be the least of it. DEBORAH CHEVALIER: She had gotten pregnant and she had a miscarriage.As for 18-year-old Nadia Kajouji, she was all self-confident with ambitions for a career in law and politics. But, as bubbly as she seemed then, her bright light would soon begin to fade. I shouldn't say it was an inkling that something was changing, I just knew she was – it was a hard time for her, it was a very difficult time.It was the first week of September 2007, and as Nadia moved into Carleton's Prescott Hall residence, her mother Deborah says they felt assured she'd be well cared for. For Nadia Kajouji, freshman year started as it often does – with new friends, social life, a first taste of independence. KRYSTAL LEONOV: Nadia, to me, was a very happy person. And, after Christmas, things went from bad to worse. On camera, wearing an eyeshade, she bared her feelings about what was going wrong. About two months after she made that entry to her video diary, Ottawa found itself digging out from under 20 fresh inches of snow.DEBORAH CHEVALIER: Oh, they tell you about all the wonderful medical care,how all the students are completely covered. NADIA KAJOUJI: I didn't want to get pregnant, I didn't choose to get pregnant. That morning, at Carleton University, Nadia Kajouji missed an appointment with the mental health counselor she'd been seeing.Music had been blaring from her dorm room all night.When security came to open the door, Nadia's wallet, credit cards and money were still there; her i Pod, too, paused mid-song.

Here at Carleton University in Canada's capital city, Ottawa, the school year and adventure were just beginning... I always knew that she would do something great in her life. You know, she was always striving to be better, and I think it, it was, you know, her academics — if it slipped to like, you know, what someone else would be happy with, it wasn't good enough for her.Gregory Adkins told NBC2 that Brown’s actions and conclusion sufficed as Blikstad's due process and allowed him to continue to teach at East Lee County High School. 15, 2017, the State Attorney's Office in Lee County criminally charged Blikstad with battery for the 2016 incident. The Lee County School District responded to our requests for comments saying it stands by the findings of its original investigation performed by Andy Brown.Blikstad is ordered to appear before a judge on March 14, and the Lee County School District said that amidst these charges, Blikstad is still a teacher at East Lee. During an interview with PBS, Dan Ackerman, a vice-principal at a Bronx high school, not only boasted of being able to monitor his students through webcams on their computers (unbeknownst to the students), but demonstrated it live, on camera.At New York's Intermediate School 339, administrators wield the authority to directly, remotely monitor students' online activities to ensure that students are using the school's laptops appropriately. As Ackerman demonstrated on the the Frontline documentary , when students activate their Webcam applications, they can be directly observed by teachers.

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I will say that the previous administrations, there was often concern on our part about the way the process..necessarily the process, but the outcomes."In a letter dated in February 2016, Blikstad admitted to district investigators that he kissed a female student on the neck in class.

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