Dream dating kelly rowland

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Dream dating kelly rowland

He pulled me out and said 'Don’t nobody love you but me / Not your mama / Not your daddy / and especially not Bey.'" Recording the song was so emotional for Rowland, it took her nearly a dozen takes to lay down her vocals without crying.And even at a recent listening for her label, she had to leave the room before the song was played.The A-list pair was spotted inside The Troubadour Friday night where they enjoyed the sounds of The-Dream."Beyoncé and Jay Z were very low profile and wore all black and came out once the lights dimmed, but they were singing along and dancing in their seats to the music," a source shared with E! "They were both smiling a lot to certain songs and looked like they were having a great time out supporting their friend!"While the pair was having more than a great time, attendees also spotted Kelly Rowland sitting by Beyoncé as they enjoyed hit after hit from the rapper."Our chemistry has already proven to be good, whether it was onstage or in the studio. But we bet you didn’t know that she loves British cars.We’re like two 14-year-old kids just having a good time. I said, I don’t know what happened; the car just got the best of me. What do you think of the sound of the engine and exhaust note in the new Jaguar F-Type? My purse is down on Texas 59, near Houston somewhere. You grew up mostly in Houston, the land of pick-up trucks and mile-long Cadillacs. And it was in front of a guy that I was dating, and I was so embarrassed. for a while, so I guess I’m just naturally a Brit at heart. But when I met up with the folks at Jaguar, I got the chance to drive the F-Type, and I was like: ? My mother was a nanny, and the people that she worked for, they had that truck. I remember admiring their lifestyle and their cars, and it’s so cool that her job exposed me to that. First of all, the way it speaks to you when you press the button—it’s over, it’s over. If you had to pick a singer whose voice sounded like that engine, or who made you feel the same way, who would it be?

The twosome was snapped on what looked like a double date (Dec.

It's supposed to be "Dilemma." ' You already being negative [before] pushing the button! The record, also produced by Jonsin, is Nelly's return to the charts in the wake of his commercially disappointing last album, 2008's Brass Knuckles. "It's always great when your fans come out and support [you] anytime in your career," he said about the achievement.

"It's one of those things where we did reconnect," he continued. "But definitely after 10 years, and when you haven't been quite on the scene as much as your fans would like you to, but when they do get a glimpse of you and they feel good, it also makes you feel good." Are you excited to hear Nelly and Kelly's new track?

Turns out, Kelly is a total Anglophile when it comes to automobiles, so much so that she’ll be appearing in an upcoming video sponsored by Jaguar, driving through Miami in Jag’s stunning new F-Type convertible as part of a contest prize for some lucky contestant.

In honor of this, we gave Kelly a call to discuss running into parked cars, singing Britney Spears in moving cars, worshiping the __You’ve performed and recorded in a range of genres, and we’re thankful for that. And then when I got my own car, I had a moment where I just hit everything. This car is the closest thing I can get to Marvin Gaye. We end all of our “Stars & Cars” conversations by asking, what’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you in a car?

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