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Lena headey and piper perabo dating

Realizing the young woman's talent, the agent took a photo and asked her to audition.

The chance encounter resulted in her getting cast in her first feature film, "Waterland" (1992), which co-starred Ethan Hawke and Jeremy Irons. Headey dated "The Jungle Book" co-star Jason Flemyng ("Snatch") for nine years and has a tattoo of his name in Thai on her arm. She's an avid Twitter user and couldn't care less if she drunk tweets, saying, "they're just these tiny words." 7.

Many fans of those movies remember Hamilton’s ripped physique in Terminator 2, and as a result, Headeytook some flak from critics for being too thin when Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles premiered. AE: Did you feel likeyou suddenly had to work out way more? I just thought, here’s a woman who has got a really difficultsituation for lots of reasons. What I love about it is — which I’ve yet to explore, which Ihope I’m going to get to — is all the layers of her insanity, which I think shehas. it’s her in control and her being ontop of everything, and I think what would be really cool is to see thecrumbling underneath. I mean, I love all the action stuff, it’sfun for me, but like Josh [Friedman] said … I loved it, and I’m at the moment writingthe feature for it, and I hope to get it financed by next spring.

At a press conference in July,executive producer Josh Friedman joked, “Anyone that thought she wasn’tphysically ready to do the role hadn’t been hit by her on the set like I had,and I just hope that all those doubters have the opportunity in thefuture.”Headey quipped, “I have gigantic biceps thisseason.”After the press conference, I met up with Headey at the Foxnetwork party on Santa Monica Pier, where we huddled together in a photo boothin an effort to talk over the blaring music. AE: Is there anythingin particular that you want to do with this character? he was like, “I don’t want toalways see you with a shotgun in your hand.” And I was like, “Iknow.”And I just want to explore her.

But she had her first lesbianish role as Sally Setonin Mrs.

Dalloway (1997), where shekissed Natasha Mc Elhone. AE: I think thatyou’ve really made the role your own.

Back in her preferred uniform of scruffy jeans and Converse trainers, Headey jokes about her refusal to wear the skimpy underwear the stylist was hoping for - 'I was like, no way! ' - and confesses she found the experience 'traumatising'. I guess the dream is to have both a long career and a normal life.' It's with a degree of stealth, then, that Headey has become one of the busiest and most respected young actresses on both sides of the Atlantic (without so much as a red-carpet antic or strategic seduction of a famous co-star).

Given that this 32-year-old British actress has been in the business since 1992 (the producers of Waterland spotted her in a school play, aged 17), the fact that she has avoided such photo shoots until now reveals much about her attitude towards the business. The director of her latest film describes her as 'fiercely intelligent, warm, funny, beautiful, a complete natural', while studio bosses at Miramax wanted her so badly for the lead in last year's The Brothers Grimm that they famously overrode director Terry Gilliam's choice of Samantha Morton for the part.

What are the best LGBT Movies on Netflix Instant available for streaming right now?I just wanted to work bloody hard in that role; I had no idea what had gone on behind the scenes.'Working hard is something that Headey believes passionately in.After starring in blockbusters (she recently wrapped on Warner Bros' upcoming Spartan epic, 300) and low-budget indies alike (including the critical success Aberdeen, for which she won Best Actress at the 2001 Brussels European Film Festival), she seems to prefer the indies. I've had a good time on those big jobs - on 300, for example, the director Zack Snyder was just such a brilliant man, and there were no egos. But, generally, on smaller films there's a better atmosphere: it's more collaborative; people work much harder; the whole thing tends to be more rewarding.'Her most recent film, and the one we're here to talk about, was apparently one of the most rewarding of her career. A charming, bittersweet British comedy from first-time writer-director Ol Parker, Imagine Me and You trespasses on Working Title territory to explore the messiness and magic of love at first sight.Headey plays Luce, a north London florist who unwittingly wreaks havoc on Hector and Rachel, a beautiful, seemingly perfect, couple, when one of them falls in love with her after she provides the flowers for their wedding.Conveniently timed to coincide with the post-Brokeback fascination with portrayals of homosexual romance, our expectations are confounded when we discover that it is Rachel, not Hec, who has fallen helplessly for Luce's charms.

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Piper Perabo has never shied away from playing gay.“There’s a lot of beautiful women out there,” she said. ” The Golden Globe nominee wants to bring one of those women, former co-star Lena Headey, onto her USA show .“I was talking with Lena because I want there to be a female assassin that Annie has to hunt down. “I just think she’s such a butt-kicker she’d be killer at it. It was so great.”As for if she had any other women in mind for future dalliances, she said “Lena again.

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