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gave the songs their New York debut this week in advance of a proper tour next spring. On this occasion, Merritt was backed up by six musicians (with longtime partners Sam Davol and Shirley Simms alongside newer collaborators), all of whom were arranged in an arc outside the faux living room where Merritt sat on a red stool, with the score for this new opus before him.

(The show's world premiere was two weeks ago at Mass Mo CA.) Broken into two evenings of 25 songs each, the somewhat theatrical production — with a stage decorated as if it were Merritt's boyhood home, with doll houses and toys scattered among the many musical instruments — presented the songs in chronological order, starting with his conception on Friday (Dec. Though in the past he has often left much of the banter to good friend and sometime bandmate Claudia Gonson, Gonson wasn't on stage this time, leaving Merritt to work the crowd alone.

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Perhaps expecting this to be a challenge, Merritt had scripted his remarks, reading them from his lyric book.

He would often set the stage for a song with an anecdote; sometimes he'd clarify a factual detail that was misleading in the song to come.

With armed police patrolling in every big town and even at somewhere as benign as Monet’s garden it seems sadly that human nature has learnt little.

After the flatlands of the Low Countries and northern France the landscape is getting more undulating and although my legs will not forgive me for saying so, I am enjoying a more varied and interesting terrain.

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The French have shown more interest in this odyssey and as a solo female many a “Bouf – Bon courage” have been the parting words along the way.

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